Letter from Meyers


Dear Fellow Bootmakers,

Well, here I am as the 2017 Meyers. How the heck did that happen?

I have been a Holmes fan since discovering him in my early 20’s. I sort of always knew that there was a Sherlock Holmes fan club in Toronto but it was not until I directed a play featuring the Great Detective that I was motivated to join. I have a theatre (and graphic design) background which keeps me pretty busy. My initial reason for joining was purely self-serving—I wanted to increase the audience for my show! But I thought that if I just showed up at a meeting to promote the play it would be seen as just that and would be less effective than if I was seen as a true enthusiast. So, even though the play was near the end of the year I joined at the beginning of the year and came to all of the meetings. That was 2013 and I have stuck with the group ever since, and served as Vice-Meyers in 2016.

As I said, my background is in the theatre and I have served on the Board and as President of a few theatre groups. But being Meyers is quite a different skill set and so I approach this duty with some trepidation. I am not as “plugged in” to the Sherlockian world as most of you. I’m working on getting up to speed but I ask for both your patience and your help. Please feel free to email me at meyerstoronto@yahoo.ca with your suggestions and advice. I especially need help with booking speakers!

Due to the eloquence and “balls” of our 2016 Meyers, James Reese, in a letter to the library, we are back this year at the Toronto Reference Library’s Beeton Auditorium. And even with some of the restrictions—the time change to 1:00 in the afternoon and the limit to only three meetings—I think we all agree that this location is preferable. (This is why our December meeting on the calendar is “TBD.” If anyone has any ideas on where we can go please let me know.)

And speaking of venues, our annual Blue Carbuncle Dinner will again be held at the York Masonic Temple on January 28th. In my opinion, this location has served us well in the last two years and so “if it ain’t broke…” (And James reminds us that Sir Arthur was also a Mason.) But if the members don’t participate we will lose the location and money. SO, WE REALLY NEED EVERYONE TO COME TO THIS EVENT!

Everyone knows that a group is only as good as what the participants put into it. One of the major mistakes many community groups make is assuming that the elected President and Board are responsible for everything that goes on in the group. But the President and the Board are there to “lead,” not to do everything. The Board is not the group—the Members are the group!

I look forward to an interesting and exciting year to come. Here is your 2017 Bootmakers Board of Directors:

  • Mike Ranieri (Meyers)
  • James Reese (Past Meyers)
  • Thelma Beam (Membership Secretary)
  • Peggy Perdue (Library Liaison)
  • Philip Elliott (Treasurer)
  • Kathy Burns (Archivist & Secretary)
  • Mark Alberstat (Editor of Canadian Holmes & Director-at-Large)
  • Peter Calamai (Director-at-Large)
  • Dave Sanders (Keeper of Awards & Director-at-Large)
  • Karen Gold (Lassus & Director-at-Large)
  • Harold Oades (Director-at-Large)
  • Charles Prepolec (Director-at-Large)
  • Ashley Morford (Director-at-Large)

Mike Ranieri
Meyers, Toronto