Types of Awards

The Bootmakers honour their most accomplished members once a year at the Blue Carbuncle Awards Dinner. A number of awards are available to be won.

Master Bootmaker

Awarded for significant contribution to The Bootmakers of Toronto and the Canadian Sherlockian movement. Holders of Master Bootmaker status are entitled to the insignia of the shoehorn and to put M.Bt.  after their name on all correspondence. For a complete list of Master Bootmakers, see the Master Bootmakers page.

Recent Recipients

2018 – Doug Paton, Jean Paton, Mike Ranieri

True Davidson Award – Best Paper

True Davidson: Pioneer in the involvement of women in Canadian politics, she became mayor of the borough of East York in Toronto. She was an early member of the BOOTMAKERS OF TORONTO and served as the second MEYERS. On September 23, 1972 she delivered the astonishing paper SEVEN DROPS OF WATER to the society. Her memorials include THE TRUE DAVIDSON MEMORIAL AWARD and a True Davidson Reading Room in the Scott Library of York University.

Recent Recipients

2017 – Donald Zaldin – Investigating Investigating Women
2016 – Cliff Goldfarb – Dogs that Do and Don’t Bark
2015 – Barbara Rusch – Tribute to Leonard Nimoy
2014 – Chris Redmond – Sherlock Holmes and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Year
2014 – Donald Zaldin – Ronald A. Knox, Founding Father of Sherlockian Scholarship
2013 – Thelma Beam – ACD and the Cubitts of Happisburgh
2013 – Donald Zaldin – The Cipher in ‘The Dancing Men: A Study in Sources
2012 – Chris Redmond – Thoughts on the Danforth
2011 – Thelma Beam – Lot 86: Letters to Jean
2011 – Barbara Rusch – Love Betrayed, Love Reclaimed: A Question of Affection in the Canon
2010 – Cliff Goldfarb – Winston Churchill and Arthur Conan Doyle: The Finest of the Empire
2009 – Margot French – The Three Students: Examination Security Then and Now
2008 – Chris Redmond – Advice from Professor Moriarty on the Presentation of Sherlockian Papers
2007 – Chris Redmond – The Singular Affair of the Untold Tail

Derrick Murdoch Award – Best Article in Canadian Holmes

Derrick Murdoch: The first MEYERS of the BOOTMAKERS OF TORONTO (born 1909, died 1985). A retired businessman, he became the mystery columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail in the 1960′s, spoke at the 1971 WEEKEND WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES and agreed to take the role of Meyers for 1972-73 as the Bootmakers were being formed. He was also a founder of the CRIME WRITERS OF CANADA, an enthusiastic supporter of Canadian mystery writing, and the author of two books himself.

Recent Recipients

2017 – Kevin I. Jones – Sherlock Holmes and the Cromer Connection
2016 – David P. Greenfield and Peter H. Jacoby – M’Naghten, Moriarty and the Insanity Defence
2015 – Sonia Fetherston – A Study in V
2014 – Peter H. Wood – I Keep a Bull Pup
2013 – Thelma Beam – ACD and the Cubitts of Happisburgh
2013 – Donald Zaldin – The Cipher in ‘The Dancing Men: A Study in Sources
2012 – Hartley R. Nathan and Clifford S. Goldfarb – Oh Sinner Man, Where You Gonna Run To? – Sir Arthur and Sir George
2011 – Catherine Wynne – Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker: Biographical and Literary Convergences
2010 – Jan Hooke – The Contralto: Conan Doyle’s Irene, Carole Douglas’s Irene and Rossini’s Cinderella
2009 – Dr. Anthony Papagiannis – Sherlock Holmes and the Art of Clinical Detection
2008 – No Award
2007 – Les Klinger – A Study in Manuscripts

Warren Carleton Award – Best Presentation Other than a Formal Paper

Warren Carleton: Early and affectionately recalled member of the Bootmakers of Toronto, who died in 1988. With his wife, Gwen, “Deacon” Carleton served as the society’s archivist from 1972-1983. The WARREN CARLETON AWARD was created in his honour.

Recent Recipients

2017 – Karen Gold for her songs throughout the year
2016 – Karen Gold for her song about The Boscombe Valley Mystery, Black Jack of Ballarat
2016 – Donald Zaldin for his quiz on Sherlock Holmes Goes to Hollywood
2015 – James and Edith Reese for their Quizzes over the last two years
2014 – Dayna Nuhn for A Sherlockian Family Feud
2013 – Donald Zaldin for the 2nd Annual Can-Am Silver Blaze Event
2012 – Elizabeth Carbone for her work in re-developing the Bootmaker website
2011 – Barbara Rusch and Donald Zaldin for their role as Quizzmasters from 2005 to 2011
2010 – Philip Elliott for January Pub Nights
2009 – Craig Brtnik and Karen Campbell for A Duet With An Occasional Chorus
2008 – Craig Brtnik and Karen Campbell for A Duet With An Occasional Chorus
2007 – Craig Brtnik and Karen Campbell for A Duet With An Occasional Chorus

Emerald Tie-Pin Award

Awarded for sustained, varied and lasting contributions to The Bootmakers of Toronto. The recipient of the EMERALD TIE PIN AWARD must be a Master Bootmaker and a member of the society for at least 20 years. Furthermore, the recipient must have made significant contributions to the society, which may include, but not be limited to: serving as Meyers; authoring/presenting formal papers; acting as editor or copy-editor for Canadian Holmes; and/or authoring Sherlockian books.

Recent Recipients

2017 – George Vanderburgh
2016 – Peter Calamai, Philip Elliott, Dave Sanders and Doug Wrigglesworth
2015 – Mark Alberstat, Karen Campbell, Dave Drennan, Barbara Rusch and Donald Zaldin
2014 – Bruce Aikin, Kathy Burns, Bob Coghill, Dayna Nuhn and Trevor Raymond
2013 – Cliff Goldfarb, Hartley Nathan, Chris Redmond, Donald Redmond and Edwin Van der Flaes